The following areas are some of urgent donation needs of the Church.

Ethiopian Emanuel United Church primarily invests in Missionary outreach by sending out missionaries to the outskirts of the country and performs church planting. However, the Church needs immediate financial support to realize and provide ongoing missionary activities. By setting out a cost-sharing schema with our partners, the church is paying 2000 Birr as a salary and 1000 Birr for additional expenses to the Missionaries. Hence the Church kindly requests individuals and partner organizations to support one Missionary to help spread the good news of the Gospel.

The Church wishes to have individuals, partners, and organizations that would like to provide education and training in theological higher education institutions. The church has specially set out a priority and cost-sharing schema with partners who would like to provide short and long-term education and training to pastors and leader development.

Ethiopian Emanuel United Church has recently established children and youth holistic support in a coordination office. Yet the Church is greatly in need of support to provide training, training materials, and related resources so that the Church kindly asks those who have the burden to support children and youth to work with us.

Ethiopian Emanuel United Church is established in Ethiopia. In recent years, the Church is also engaged in Gospel outreach missions abroad in addition to local Mission and Church Planting. However, all financial sources are mainly from local churches in the Country so that the limited financial provision is a challenging factor to rapidly execute her vision and mission.

Recently, the Government has provided us with a property of land but financial constraint concerning location standard by the municipality has become a restrain. So that the Church is greatly in need of financial support in addition to office utilities like furniture, computers, and field vehicle. Hence, the Church kindly invites individuals and organizations to bridge our financial constraints.


Ethiopian Emanuel United Church
Commerical Bank of Ethiopia
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Birhan Bank
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