Youths, Women, and Children

The greater number of youths in Ethiopia, which is 70% of the population is under 30 years old, and throughout the world, the church believed that it is very crucial to have youth, women, and children ministry despite the innumerable challenges that affect the younger generation. So that the department actively engaged in cultivating and equipping a generation of stewards for the Kingdom of God. 

The youths, women, and children ministry leads, oversees, and sets out strategic objectives, and supports the ministry development plans. The department also supports and provides training for local churches’ youths, women, and children department through various means, and execute site visits for further support and development.

Women’s role is also imperative as much as youth’s contribution so that the church strongly believes that women are also contributors in God’s Kingdom. The church also works for them to be fruitful in accordance with God’s grace given to them. Youths, Women and Children Ministry works towards for them to be fruitful in accordance with God’s grace bestowed upon them together with local churches, lead and followup the overall activities, and prepares training, perform a site visit to attain in the works of the Church.

Children’s ministry is also one of the important activities that the church is strongly engaged in so that the ministry executes its role in the children’s ministry as well.

Youth and children are integral to our Churches and a future of missionaries in God’s Kingdom. Through proper engagement, youth and children can be nurtured through discipleship and various engagement to know God better. As a result, the Youth and Children Department works towards children and youth growth having no or minimizing obstacles preventing them from getting involved in God’s Kingdom and their growth. Depending on situational and cultural contexts, local churches are also engaged in various ways to nurture and train them.