Church Leadership

General Assembly

The Church has a General Assembly comprising representatives from all local churches throughout the country, which has the highest authority in the decision making. Besides, the Church has a Board of Trustees comprising seven members appointed by the General Assembly and a President who has an executive role in the overall spiritual and leadership activities of the Church.


Audit Commission

The Audit Commission of the church is appointed by and responsible to the Ethiopian Emanuel United Church General Assembly. The Audit Commission is in charge to oversee the Church’s Budget and Planning implementation, follow-up proper execution of administrative regulations and policies of the Church in addition to monitoring and evaluating of compliments and find remedial solutions.

Administration and Finance

The Administration and Finance Directorate comprises the finance office, budget and planning office, Human Resources and Property Administration, and Communication Office. Organizing and compiling of budget and planning, Human Resources and Property Administration as well as expediting Internal Communications are the main responsibilities of the Directorate at the Head Office.